About Us

Freelansec Consulting Solutions is based in Norway and deliver VIP services to private and RSP services for families. Our operators have high standard and expansive training from around the world and we are also looking to expand, offering our services to companies in Norway and abroad.

We also deliver services of more delicate matters where discretion and accuracy is required. This include anti-kidnapping, bringing home people and property from conflict and disaster area.

Our crew has extensive experience in the security industry and have received English, American and Swedish training methods and due to this have approval to accept assignments internationally and on higher level. Our experience, sensitivity for etiquette and intensive training allow us to work at five star environment.

Freelansec Consulting Solutions can on request to carry out various services if necessary to your comfort and your safety. We are also available to deliver services of any kind of public or private event.

We speak Scandinavian Languages, English, Spanish, Portuguese, French and Arabic.

Freelansec Consulting Solutions is a member of the World Bodyguard Association WBA and member in the International Security Association ISA. We work in conjunction with national and international recognized operators and with vast experience in different countries of Europe, Africa, Asia, America. All of our operators are registered in the international association of bodyguards WBA. Freelance Consulting Solutions works in conjunction with the Academy of advanced Spartan Protection Agency in Braga, Portugal and Secure Our Flocks Close Protection Weapons Training Academy in USA.

Our Team

Managing Director

Freelansec Consulting Solutions was created in order to cover any needs for services for companies, individuals and private events. The man behind the company has worked for almost 20 years in the public security industry and 10 years in private security in Norway, other European countries and North America. The idea is to offer high quality services for any events delivering Chefs-waiters- bartenders-host-DJ`s-live Bands-Backline-drivers- transport-we also offer maximum security tailored to any event.

All our personnel are focused and devoted in order to offer their best services in a professional, delicate manner with high discretion.