Freelansec Consulting Solutions offer a variety of high quality for private services and provides trusted agents to exhibitions, meetings, parties, press conferences, private events,concerts and other types of events, we also offer services of a more private character, such as surveillance and private investigation of individuals.

Our agents have extensive experience and training in all their respective fields.

Our experienced agents work with state and local law enforcement agencies when required, completing a detailed threat assessment and provide the client with a security plan. Agents recognize the importance of discretion and professionalism. Freelansec Consulting Solutions protects exclusive cars, real estate, boats, buildings, etc. This sometimes includes transporting objects long distances, our agents follow sensitive objects from one place to another.

Private Chauffer

Our professional chauffeurs wear business suits, and have received comprehensive training in our company┬┤s customer service and police procedures.

Our chauffeurs also regularly submit to security background checks and random toxicology screenings.

Every effort is made to maximize safety and comfort.

Private Agents

Freelansec Consulting Solution main objective is to protect the safety and wellbeing of both customers and employees in a retail establishment and to prevent damages caused by robbery, shoplifting or similar.

Our agents has a long experience in the industry and are often a good way to prevent crime. Freelansec crew are professional and fully trained to handle physical situations and to protect property and life.

We offer a high level, our best defense is to avoid and read the many threat situations before it happens.

Event Planing

Freelansec Consulting Solutions offer the complete planning and execution of any event the client might wish. We have five stars quality locals at hand, competent and experienced professionals and offer an extensive list of artists to perform live for any private or public events.